Labor Day Weekend – More Bee time

This past labor day weekend, I got a chance to work with my bee mentor Mick on his hives. We were able to feed the hives that he has at Laraland Farms, in Howard County, MD.

It’s always a good experience to go out early in the morning. Last Sunday, the bees were active because they had been inside the hive after a day and half of rain.

The most dramatic thing that happened that I was bit in the butt by some angry yellow jackets that gathered around and tried to steal the 1:1 feed.  This is one part sugar and one part water. You use regular white refined sugar. Yes, you do have feed bees at different concentrations given the time of year.  Mick adds the Bee Healthy mix to his feed. I have added pages to my Pinterest where other have used essential oils. He does use a pre-made oil mix. The large tubs make it easy because we fed around 20 hives.

I also had a chance to work with Mick on assembling boxes. I recently purchased 72 unassembled boxes from Mann Lake so, below is a photo of the overall assembled box  I will share more photos as I start the box building process and provide step by step details.


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