About BeeMore

IMG_2371The BeeMore Cooperative was founded in 2017 by Michelle Bailey-Hedgepeth as means to organize, educate and cultivate new beekeepers in Baltimore City.  BeeMore was recently selected for the Johns Hopkins Social Innovations Cohort for 2017 -18.


This site is also a resource for gardening, natural beauty solutions, recipes and other things related to urban agriculture.

For more information on BeeMore contact Michelle Bailey-Hedgepeth

About Michelle:IMG_1452 - Copy (3)

Michelle moved to Baltimore City in March 2014 with her husband Warren Hedgepeth and their daughter Sophia Hedgepeth. Her hobbies include gardening, beekeeping, tennis, and other outdoor activities.

Michelle volunteers at Park Heights Community Health Alliance – Afya Teaching Garden as a mentor and experienced gardener. She began beekeeping in 2016 and has taken the BUMBA course on Beekeeping. She recently joined the Eastern Apicultural Society of North America, Inc. (EAS).

Bailey-Hedgepeth holds both a Masters in Public Administration from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. In her professional life, Michelle has worked a public administrator for over 15 years.

Michelle is a graduate of the Greater Baltimore Committee – the Leadership Class for 2015.

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