Summer 2022 update

Sorry for the lack of activity. As we reach the end of the summer, I just wanted to add a short video to let you know I am still out there thriving and surviving đŸ„°

Summer 2022


Despite the summer heat, this has been a good year for sunflowers. I tried to grow some exotic colors but the seeds that did the best we’re the Mammoth ones that I purchased at the Dollar Tree.

More than 7 ft tall

I love this time of year, so that I can watch the many pollenators in my yard! Enjoy the summer and bee safe!

Summer Gardening

With the summer heat, the weeds have gotten out of control. Here are some photos of our early morning work at Park Heights Community Health Alliance.

Summer Bees

I made a quick visit to my bees in Park Heights this morning as I volunteered in the garden. The summer allows a myriad of flowers for the bees to feast on and some great weeds (dandelions, etc..) as well 😩

This summer the squash has been great and the final butternut squash are developing for the fall. When picking them I noticed some bumblebees in the squash flowers. Bees and other pollinators love onion flowers as well and I watched honey bees, butterflies, and bumblebees feed.

I also thought that I would add some recent photos of the hives. I will be adding a new box this hive over the weekend with a feeder because I noticed that bees have been bearding.

Bearding is when the bees when gather along the front of the hive and it is often mistaken with swarming. This because the clustering often looks like it hangs off of the hive and it looks like a beard.  When I saw this happen the first time I thought that the bees were swarming but, it often happens when the temperature rises above 100 degrees.

As we go into September this my final ode to the Summer. Enjoy the last few weeks!


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