Visit to Real Food Farms

Real Food Farms Sign – November 2017

This morning, I had the opportunity to visit Real Food Farms in Baltimore, MD.  They have a large campus in Clifton Park with some very healthy hives on the farm. As part of their support for the bees, they have pollinator-friendly plants around the site along with crops that grow seasonally. They also allow their bees to keep the honey so it less maintenance for the farmer/beekeepers.

Above is a photo of a sign for visitors to the site.   I think that this is a great idea so that people can ask questions and not fear the bees, in other words, “respect the bee”.

Since it was the end of the season things are moving indoors so my further photos aren’t great. But, I just wanted to share a few photos and encourage others to visit the Farm and or support their efforts.

Michelle 🙂


Bee Friendly Plants – My Garden

Here are some pictures from my summer 2017 garden of plants that attract bees and other pollinators.

Pictured above are:

  • Autumn Sunflowers
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • French Lavender
  • Cucumber plants
  • Catmint
  • Lemon Balm, Basil, and other herbs

In the mid-Atlantic, all of my flowers are in full bloom in late July and early August.

Here are some links that I have found helpful in my search for creating a sustainable garden.

I would love to hear more from you, I will add more posts and photos as the summer goes on…



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