Feeding the bees

Last week, we got out to add a new top box and feed the bees. As I mentioned before, yes you have to feed the bees to supplement the what they forage at the garden. Warren, my Mom, and Sophia helped out a great deal with documenting the process. We also had the drone out so, I will add video to the site as a seperate post.

Drone Sept 2017

The digital SLR photography for this was done by my 11-year-old Sophia and my Mom (Valerie) took the next set of shots on her iPhone to add some more perspective. I am very lucky to have so much talent in documenting the process.


The new frame feeders are nice and they take around one gallon of bee syrup per hive. It is not a lot but, it’s a good start. In this batch of syrup, I used 1:1 sugar/water mix with essential oils like (tea tree, lavender, and thyme oil).

I checked on the hives the other day and they were both active and healthy so much so that I could not get close enough to add my feed without the guard bees getting excited. So, I added a half a bottle but had to walk away. I tried to use my dried herb as smoker fuel, it works but does not last as long as the stuff you buy. I think I will mix both and test my results.

I also used the newly painted boxes (I let them air out for 3 weeks), so the site has a bit of art with the new equipment. I will post again soon. Let me know what you think?



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