Concierge Services

Concierge Package 

Our concierge package includes all the following benefits:

  • Delivery and installation of your hive setup including bee package
  • Healthy and well cared for bees.
  • A professional staff dedicated to coordinating and scheduling beekeeper visits in advance, with an exclusive concierge for all scheduling needs
  • Access to information on BeeMore’s website (photos of bee visits and hive conditions)
  • Registration of the hive with the State of Maryland and location compliance with local codes

Our standard package includes all required hive equipment delivered to your site.  We will provide introductory information about the hive and Bee basics. We supply and install the honey bee colony and provide them with any support they may require to thrive until our next visit.

Routine Checks and Feeding
BeeMore will visit on a routine basis and take care of all feedings.  This is on average once a month but may vary slightly depending on hive condition, time of year, and other factors.  You will be notified ahead of time, the day in which to expect your beekeeper. BeeMore staff will be present at the state inspection.

Routine updates will be sent to you after each visit, regarding the status of the hive, the strength of the colony, and any disease or issue that we may have found. This information will be communicated by email or via our website with login access.

Honey Harvesting
We will do all of the work and harvest the honey and bring you a portion of the honey with rest being donated to BeeMore Honey Collective to support the educational and job creation activities in West Baltimore. You will also receive a Honey Harvest Package that includes other products of the hive.


Contact Michelle Bailey-Hedgepeth @ or 702.510.3683.

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