3D Mask

Friends and Family Pricing Page

This page is for Friends and Family to support my husband’s project at Hedgepeth Consulting.

What does the mask kit include?

  • One (1) PLA (high-grade plastic) 3D Printed Mask
  • Four (4) Cotton Rounds
  • Rubber bands for securing the mask
  • Mask Liner: Rubberized Foam Tape

Available in Various Colors

Colors: White, Black, Pink, Purple, Red, and Blue

Specialty Colors: Gold, Silver, Rainbow and Color Changing

*Color and size availability limited by batches/


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

*Disclaimer: These masks have not been tested in a clinical setting. This design was made with a 3D printer and commonly available tools, and materials. Some minor defects in manufacturing may occur due to the pace and speed of printing to meet immediate of the demand.

The use of 3D printed masks should only be considered when medically approved and commercially produced masks (ex. N95) are not available.

CDC Recommendations Page

3D Mask


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