Why BeeMore?

The facts on the plight of the honey bee are very compelling.  I  started my beekeeping journey after learning about the process of beekeeping from a local beekeeper who had hives in Park Heights. These hives supported the pollination of the two site.

The goal of BeeMore is to match beekeepers with urban garden sites and create new beekeepers in the City of Baltimore. The BeeMore Cooperative project will reduce the barrier to entry for new beekeepers by assisting with training and providing mentors. It also will help to create an active network of Baltimore City honey producers.

Below are photos of the Park Heights Community Health Alliance garden.

For more information on BeeMore contact Michelle Bailey-Hedgepeth.

Adventures in BeeMore

I started my bee adventure in 2016, shadowing others, and this spring I got my 1st package. As with all new beekeepers, I have made my mistakes, but I am learning.  This site will document my journeys in beekeeping and the startup process of the BeeMore Project.

Below are photos from one of my visit to the hives in September 2016.

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