New Logo and update…


I am very lucky to have a creative husband with top-notch computer skills. Thanks Hedgepeth for making me look professional. Warren will have his own site soon so be on the lookout for a link to how Warren Hedgepeth can make your life better with technology!

Hopefully, you will see more of this logo. The goal of BeeMore is to keep bees thriving in the City.

On the hive front, I checked on the hives today and they were ok but, it was a colder morning than it has been this fall so, the bees were a bit shy and you have seen enough photos of the boxes. I will add some new hive shots and fall updates this week.

Some other topics that will be bringing readers are:

  • Treatments for Pests
  • Winter Preparations
  • Removing and/or mitigating Wax Moths
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Honey Extraction and much more…

If you have questions or comments contact me. 🙂




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